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Inverness Castle and its grounds are closed until 2025

Where are we now?

Càit a bheil sinn a-nis?

The Inverness Castle is closed and transforming into a world-class attraction for visitors and locals. Construction is underway, with dedicated content designers, Mather and Co. and creative fit-out company, Workhaus Projects, working behind the scenes, to bring the vision to life.

The grounds on the esplanade will be transformed into a fantastic new green space that can be enjoyed throughout the year, as well as providing a perfect location for beautiful views of the river, the outlook to Loch Ness, and Ben Wyvis to the north.

Inside the castle, the Highland tradition of the seanchaidh – the storyteller – will be prominent, with stories collected and being told from all over the region, capturing the essence of the area's unique landscape, heritage, culture and people, while looking to the future too and how the Highlands can lead in areas such as green energy, community land development, and cultural growth rooted in local communities.

Stay tuned for updates as the transformation unfolds.

Catch up on the latest progress updates in the transformation of Inverness Castle Experience

In June 2024, The Historic Rose Window reassembly began with the original stonework being meticulously reassembled within a custom-designed steel framework.

In February 2024, Jason Kelman, Principal Project Manager, at The Highland Council, gave an update on the project:

Creative fit-out contractor,  Workhaus Projects, will combine creativity, design, technology and craftsmanship to create a world-class visitor experience within the transformed castle building, bringing the vision of content designers Mather & Co to fruition.

In November 2023, Jason Kelman, Principal Project Manager, at The Highland Council, gave an update on the project:

The Rose Window (created in 1867) will become a focal feature within the interior design for the new visitor attraction. Watch the meticulous process of the window being carefully deconstructed in the careful hands of experts from Iona Art Glass, specialists in restoring stained glass.

As part of the transformation, the former courthouse (south tower) and prison building (north tower) will be linked by a new restaurant area for the Inverness Castle Experience. Watch it start to come together below:

The external elevations of Inverness Castle Experience are being carefully restored and conserved. Watch the restoration to the south and west façades (facing the esplanade and the river) being slowly revealed as the scaffolding is removed:

The transformation of Inverness Castle began in 2020.  A fly through of the castle before the work began can be seen in the link below.